2020 Year in Review: Mortgages in Canada For First-Time Homebuyers and Self-Employed Explained

Join Paul as he debunks the biggest mortgage headlines of 2020 for first-time buyers and the self-employed. He points out key questions to ask yourself and your bank so you can have a better understanding of what applies to you and what is simply a trick.

Going into 2021, how can you take advantage of the mortgage updates that will most impact your ability for home financing? Will it be through an incentive program, qualifying at a higher income bracket to afford more mortgage, or by refinancing high-interest debt to a historically low-interest rate?

In nine minutes we break 2020’s Biggest Updates down:

– Historic rate drop of 0.99% and what you need to know in the fine print.
– How you can afford 50% more mortgage with B-Lenders/Alternative Lenders.
– How to receive down payment help by using a line of credit, gift money, or cosigners.
– Leveraging the spring 2021CMHC First Time Home Buyer Program to help with a down payment and lower monthly payments.
– The false alarm with the lowering of the CMHC credit score minimum.
– How the Stated Income Program may help self-employed home buyers to qualify in a higher income bracket.
– Why refinancing can be an option to help pay off high interest debt.
– Why a reverse mortgage may be a better option as it hit a historic low of 3.49%.

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