Do Entrepreneurs Really Need a Mortgage Broker or Realtor? | Tim Tham & Paul Davidescu Interview

For entrepreneurs looking to understand and then hack the home buying and financing process, this interview is for you! Local Vancouver realtor, Tim Tham breaks home buying down from start to finish while Paul Davidescu speaks to the parts of the mortgage process you should be most mindful of as you prepare for financing.

Key Topics

• 0:00 – Introductions and Group Icebreakers
• 20:50 – Tim Tham explains the Real Estate Home Buying Process
• 54:10 – Paul Davidescu Intro
• 57:00 – Mortgage Pre-Approval Basics
• 1:01:34 – Mortgage on Pre-Sales
• 1:04:45 – Prime Lenders and how they work
• 1:07:26 – Monoline Lenders vs Banks
• 1:13:38 – Alternative and Private Lenders
• 1:17:44 – Why a Mortgage Broker over a bank?
• 1:22:00 – Q&A

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