Self Employed: Tips To Get Approved – Interview with Adam Lando, CEO of Dad’s Printing

Ready for your mortgage financing?

As a self-employed individual who owns a well established business and saved enough to place a deposit more than 5%. Yet, you are having trouble getting approved for mortgage financing.

On our First Episode of “For the Next Mortgage I Will?” I sat down with Adam Lando, CEO of Dad’s Printing in Vancouver, who shares his story of how he navigated through the mortgage financing process. He reflects on key learnings that will help make your experience smoother.

In 20 minutes, questions we covered:

02:29 Were you Prepared to take on a Mortgage?
03:55 What were your Learnings from the Process?
11:58 How did you Claim Income and Expenses?
18:30 “For the Next Mortgage I Will?”

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